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Senior Analyst

India, Bengaluru
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Senior Analyst
India, Bengaluru,
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About Lowe’s India: At Lowe's India, we are the enablers who help create an engaging customer experience for our $97 billion home improvement business at Lowe's. Our 4000+ associates work across technology, analytics, business operations, finance & accounting, product management, and shared services. We leverage new technologies and find innovative methods to ensure that Lowe's has a competitive edge in the market.

Job Summary:
As a Senior Analyst Program Support in the after-sales program ,you will play a key role in supporting data analysis, reporting, and process optimization efforts aimed at enhancing after-sales operations and customer experiences. Functions of the role include generating product vendor data analysis, drive Supplier on-time and fill Rate performance. You will work closely with senior analysts, cross-functional teams, and stakeholders to collect, analyze, and interpret data, generate actionable insights to drive strategic and continuous improvement in our after-sales program

Core Responsibilities:
Data Collection and Integration:
Collect, consolidate, and integrate data from various sources, including CRM systems, customer feedback platforms, vendor databases, and internal operational systems.
Develop and maintain data pipelines, and data transformation workflows to ensure data accuracy, completeness, and consistency.
Data Analysis and Insights :
Perform exploratory data analysis (EDA) to identify patterns, correlations, and trends in after-sales data, such as product inventory availability , product returns, warranty claims, and customer support interactions.
Develop analytical models, statistical analyses, and predictive models to derive actionable insights and forecast after-sales performance metrics.
Conduct root cause analysis and impact assessments to understand the drivers of after-sales issues and opportunities for improvement.
Reporting and Visualization:
Create and automate reports, dashboards, and data visualizations using tools such as Tableau, Power BI, or Excel to communicate key performance indicators (KPIs), trends, and insights to stakeholders.
Generate executive summaries, performance scorecards, and ad-hoc analyses to support decision-making processes and strategic initiatives.
Performance Monitoring and Optimization:
Monitor after-sales performance metrics, vendor performance indicators, customer satisfaction scores, and service level agreements (SLAs) to track progress against targets and identify areas for optimization.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including vendor management, customer support, logistics, and quality assurance, to implement process improvements, address bottlenecks, and enhance operational efficiency.
Data Quality Assurance and Governance:
Implement data quality checks, validation procedures, and data governance best practices to ensure data integrity, reliability, and compliance with regulatory requirements.
Identify and resolve data quality issues, anomalies, and discrepancies through data cleansing, data profiling, and data validation techniques.

Years of Experience
Overall, 5 - 8 years of Experience Only
3+ years of experience in Inventory Management
1 + years' experience reporting and data analytics.

Primary Skills
Valid experience of a minimum of 2+ years in automation, data governance, continuous improvement, Data mining from multiple systems via database analysis tools, Power-BI, SQL Experience with MS Excel (VBA), MS Access, MS Office and Python
Experience in retail Demand Planning : Proficient in mathematical and statistical analysis
Excellent Analytical and process-orientied mindset to identify root cause and present action oriented results.
Excellent writing and communication skills, including the ability to develop analytical documents for presentation for various stakeholders as well as management.
Experience with using an order management system, campaign management system, and ability to learn new systems.
Aptitude to develop solid understanding of financial elements of the business.& Understanding of core vendor procurement principles.

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Weekly
Occupation: Senior analyst

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